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1. the act of whispering into something.
2. speaking in a whisper about someone.
Etymology: from Latin insusurratio, from insusurrare, “to whisper into”.
[Tomasz Alen Kopera]

Motherland Chronicles #52This is the final photo piece for the Motherland Chronicles series. I can’t quite believe that we’re here. When Tobias and I first started the project, we were merely challenging each other to produce new work weekly, to see who could keep up longer. I didn’t think we would really finish 52 images. It’s a little overwhelming and amazing. From this point on, I will be focusing on getting the book’s Kickstarter ready. Thank you everyone who has given us your support on this project and my wonderful teams for working together with me on these images. You guys rock. <3 This piece is inspired by Georges Jules Victor Clairin’s Ophelia. View hi-res image here: Design: Zhang JingnaHair: Erin TaylorMakeup: Kharkova TatyanaModel: Joanna BajenaPhoto Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Haiyin LinFollow me~~© Zhang Jingna

Music to Move to
How do people express themselves through dance?
Vote for your favourite and add your own interpretation of the music. 


Zaria Forman
Untitled #57 (Storm), 2007
soft pastels on paper
A Theme A Theme